PO-28 Robot Review

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PO-28 Robot Review

Can the PO-28 Robot from Teenage Engineer really deliver a real-time performing experience? This retro-styled module is another unique example from the PO line. Robot has a lot to offer on its own terms, but it also promises to work brilliantly when paired with other TE releases, or even third-party products. While being able to play with others is important, we would argue that the PO-28 is best appreciated on its own singular terms.

It is very much a part of the 8-bit stylings behind several Teenage Engineer module releases. At the same time, it is also very much its own thing.

PO-28 Robot Features

“Larger-than-life” sounds like hyperbole, but we’d argue it definitely applies here. All things considered, the PO-28 Robot packs a powerhouse punch. This is in terms of the quality in what it produces, as well as in the sense of how creative this module can get. Its appeal is pretty straightforward, but even the biggest fans of these sounds will be impressed by how deep this library can get. Beneath this 8bit synth engine, you’re going to have a blast with fifteen distinctive presets. The Glide feature in particular will impress even the most experienced composers.

The sixteen-step sequencer continues to be the hallmark of many current PO products. For the Robot in particular, it has been beautifully integrated. There are also a number of fun onboard effects that you can serve to take your creations even further. You will also want to pay attention to the presence of the micro drum machine.

PO-28 Robot Pros

What do we like best about the PO-28 Robot?

  • That micro drum machine: By no means a complete beats experience, the drum machine nonetheless adds a decided degree of versatility to this product.
  • Live play potential: The ability to enjoy live playing across your sequenced creations, with or without the micro drum machine, gives the PO-28 the ability to shine under a variety of circumstances.
  • The little things: For example, the faux vibrato has received a lot of praise from users.

PO-28 Robot Cons

While an absolute wonder on many levels, here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • The micro drumming machine is just that. Do not approach this module with the idea that you’re going to have a ton of options to mess with.
  • The live element is perhaps its strongest feature. As a result, if you don’t need that, you may not need the PO-28 at all.


No one can deny the Robot doesn’t have a lot to offer the right person.


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