PO-35 Speak Review

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PO-35 Speak Review

Vocal effects can be a ton of fun to play around with. Teenage Engineer understands the need for fun in creating music better than just about anyone. They have brought their most notable qualities in their products to the PO-35 Speak in impressive form. In other words, if you have been looking for a vocal synthesizer that gives you compactness, tons of features, and exceptional quality in your results, you are definitely going to want to learn more about what this product has to offer.

The Speak lets you come up with some pretty unique, impressive vocal effects. This is backed up nicely by an exceptional high-fidelity sound in a rather modest-sized package.

PO-35 Speak Features

The built-in microphone is naturally going to be one of the first features you pay attention to. To that end, Teenage Engineer has once again delivered nicely on the quality side of things. Once you’ve captured your voice with the mic, you can use the 8 unique vocal effects to get creative. When you want to add some melodies to the proceedings, you will find it easy enough to do exactly that.

You can also take your voicework in a compelling direction by sequencing them with your built-in sequencer. The step multiplier makes a good thing even better, and you don’t want to forget you also get parameter lock capabilities. This is an ambitious release, but Teenage Engineer has done a nice job of making everything strike a vital balance. It is a certainty that with a little practice, you can generate professional-quality results. Don’t forget the PO-35 syncs up with other TE products, too.

PO-35 Speak Pros

Here are some of the strongest selling points for the PO-35:

  • Automation: The addition of parameter automation to this line has been one of the best decisions made by TE in quite some time.
  • Performance effects: Particularly due to its size, the performance effects for the Speak are absolutely marvelous.
  • The learning curve is getting easier and easier with TE releases. The PO-35 is a good example of what we mean.

PO-35 Cons

While almost endlessly impressive, the PO-35 has some potential downsides:

  • The fixed scale, with regards to your melodic samples, can prove to be a turnoff for some.
  • The need to keep two buttons down as you’re recording is occasionally cumbersome.


For powerful, creative vocal effects, the PO-35 has the capacity to impress almost anyone who wants fast, pleasing results every single time.


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