PO-32 Tonic Review

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PO-32 Tonic Review

Don’t let the size of the PO-32 Tonic from Teenage Engineering dissuade you from its potential. Once you start to play around, you will find that this is one of the most powerful and compact drum/percussion synthesizers to find anywhere. Teenage Engineering unquestionably can still impress, when it comes to bringing form and function together in a package that is small, but not so small as to render it frustrating.

Huge and punchy sounds are what you will get with this module. If that sounds pretty good to you, then you are definitely going to want to learn more.

PO-32 Tonic Features

The sixteen-step sequencer tells us right out of the box that this is going to be fun. That is a common thread among even the newest Teenage Engineering releases. Support for not only parameter locks, but for an array of punch-in effects, drive home what this company is all about. They want you to be able to experiment and create as the mood strikes you. The complexity of what you can put together here will likely surprise you over and over again.

The Jam Synch feature is also an important element to discuss. It is an effort to streamline syncing up your Pocket Operator products like never before. While the Tonic has a lot to offer all on its own, no one would deny that its true power lies in what it can do when paired with other modules.

Also, if you’re willing to drop a little extra for a Microtonic plugin, you’re going to find the sound potential within the Tonic to be absolutely stunning.

PO-32 Tonic Pros

Here are some of the PO-32’s best features:

  • Built-in microphone: Data transfer is going to be a breeze, and don’t forget about your built-in speaker giving you portable music development.
  • Fun, and decidedly old-school: If old-school is your thing, the PO-32 is pretty much essential. Just remember that the emphasis here is always on fun.
  • Amazing effects: The quality of the effects for the PO-32 is an impressive leap forward for the PO line in general.

PO-32 Tonic Cons

There are some potential drawbacks to think about:

  • The Microtonic is pretty much essential for unlocking Tonic’s true potential. Unfortunately, there isn’t a bundle being offered right now.
  • The PO-32 represents a slight rise in average prices for TE products.


It is pretty plain to see with the PO-32 Tonic that the pros dramatically outweigh any possible cons.


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