PO-24 Office Review

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PO-24 Office Review

With the release of the PO-24 Office, there is no question that Teenage Engineering is committed to taking their modules in some pretty interesting directions. The company has put an emphasis on the PO-24 Office that reminds us that you don’t have to sacrifice creative potential or features on a budget. It doesn’t get much more streamlined and bare bones than the PO-24. That may look underwhelming at first glance, but we would encourage you to go beyond the packaging.

When you do, you will find that the PO-24 Office has a lot to offer your compositions.

PO-24 Office Features

If you want to create some glitchy, glorious lo-fi staccato soundscapes, the PO-24 Office is going to be an amazing opportunity. This is one of the most unique drum and rhythm machines to come out in quite some time. Sixteen glitchy, noisy sounds and the robust sixteen-step sequencer come together to give you a lot of creative potential right away. The Office continues the Teenage Engineering tradition of being as intuitive as possible. The learning curve is slightly higher than other modules, but the PO-24 Office is exceptional at rewarding you for simply pressing on.

In other words, even as you’re getting used to things, you stand to have a good time.

Beyond having the ability to sync up nicely with Teenage Engineering modules and more, the Office gives you sixteen punch-in effects to take things in a number of different directions. In fact, depending upon how you sync things up, this Pocket Operator can be part of your setup for a long time to come.

PO-24 Office Pros

Here are some of our favorite aspects of the PO-24 Office:

  • The emphasis is on fun: If you want to lose yourself in sounds and features, the Office may not be for you. It works best with those who just want to have fun, and would perhaps like to do something a little creative along the way.
  • Melodic versatility: Whether you are making live or sequenced melodies, the PO-24 Office is going to give you tons of value for its low price tag.

PO-24 Office Cons

Here are a few more factors to weigh:

  • Understand its appeal. If retro office hardware sounds aren’t your thing, this won’t be either.
  • The output signal may strike you as a little weak.


As unique as it is fun, this little module has a lot to offer.


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