PO-33 K.O! Review

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PO-33 K.O! Review

What are a few things to look for in a module from Teenage Engineer? We would argue that portability and versatility are two of the biggest considerations. Bringing those elements together in a functional final result is also naturally important. The PO-33 KO! Promises a lot, particularly in terms of what you can actually do on the go. In fact, this particular example from the PO line seems so ambitious, you would be forgiven for being a little skeptical that it is actually going to deliver.

We can promise you this much: The PO-33 KO! Is one of the most impressive TE releases to come down the pike in quite some time.

PO 33 KO! Features

Whether you are a big fan of sampling, sequencing, or simply experimenting, the PO 33 KO! is going to strike you as an absolute wonder. Not only does the KO! offer some impressive potential for creativity, but it also delivers on the sound quality side of things. This adds further weight to the fact that you can take this module with you just about anywhere. When the mood strikes, you’re going to be ready.

Up to forty seconds of sampling can be enjoyed. This can be utilized across eight distinctive melodic slots for sampling. In other words, if you are interested in playing music chromatically, the PO 33 is going to be worth a serious look on your part.

The built-in recording microphone is also impressive. Not only is it extremely easy to use, but this is another case of the PO-33 delivering on quality. Even experienced composers and artists are going to be a little impressed.

PO 33 KO! Pros

Here are some of the biggest benefits to having the KO in your setup:

  • The mic and speaker absolutely deliver: A microphone and speaker are also just about the best we’ve ever seen from TE.
  • Sample editing powerhouse: For the size and price, the samples are abundant and fun.

PO 33 KO! Cons

Let’s talk about potential PO 33 cons:

  • The lack of mute or solo options for an individual sound may be annoying to some.
  • If you’ve never edited sample parameters before, the experience may fluster you.


Minor quibbles aside, the PO 33 KO! is one of the most varied, enjoyable modules we have seen in quite some time.


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