PO-14 Sub Review

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PO-14 Sub Review

Minimalism is the name of the game with the PO-14 Sub from Teenage Engineering. Don’t let the bare-bones PC board and seemingly simplistic controls fool you. While this is not an ideal choice for someone who wants absolutely everything in a bass machine, the PO-14 is remarkably robust for something so straightforward and so affordable. For many composers and other artists, it is one of the best budget bass machines on the market.

The PO-14 sub is a bass synthesizer that utilizes exceptional technology, while striving for an ease-of-use that anyone can get behind. There are several compelling features to study further.

PO-14 Sub Features

If you’re looking for something that pairs up well with the best tabletop synth rig setups of the day, the PO-14 brings a lot to the party. In addition to a very impressive micro drum machine, the module gives you the chance to get creative with fifteen unique and engaging bass sounds. In terms of punch-in-play options, keep in mind the PO-14 Sub gives you sixteen possibilities to explore. It isn’t going to take very long to come up with some sophisticated, inventive bass lines.

Sixteen effects are offered, in addition to a sixteen-step sequencer. You should also note that the sequencer gives you sixteen patterns to try, combined with the opportunity for some serious pattern chaining. The folding stand and speaker also make it easy to enjoy the machine all on its own.

In short, fans of bit-crusher and video game-style synth creations have gotten a lot of mileage out of this module.

PO-14 Sub Pros

There are some compelling pros to the PO-14 Sub:

  • A true rabbit hole: This is one of the most creative-minded budget bass modules we have ever seen. Once you start messing with stuff like delays, or even reverb guitar effects, you’ll find yourself on a whole new sonic landscape.
  • Great for syncing: The PO-14 works nicely with many other machines. The audio-pulse-based syncing capabilities makes it easy to pair this up with not only other PO products, but an assortment of third-party choices.
  • Good price/quality balance: Like many PO modules, the PO-14 Sub offers an awful lot in the way of quality at an awesome price.

PO-14 Sub Cons

Are there any potential issues with this module?

  • This is a module specifically for on-the-go creativity. If you want more, seek out more.


Despite a very slight learning curve for beginners, the PO-14 Sub is a cheap way to create some singular, high-quality synth sounds.


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