PO-16 Factory Review

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PO-16 Factory Review

“Stripped down” is putting it mildly, when it comes to the PO-16 from Teenage Engineering. The company has built their reputation on promising the barest bones design possible, while still emphasizing the creative possibilities anyone would naturally want. In a nutshell, the PO-16 is a strong continuation of that tradition. There is something to be said for how versatile the appeal of this little wonder can be.

It isn’t hard to imagine the features and benefits of this module being useful to composers of all backgrounds. At the same time, given the price tag, the PO-16 can be just as much fun for someone who simply wants a fun, inventive sound-creation toy.

PO-16 Factory Features

Streamlined is probably the best way to the describe the PO-16 Factory features. Fifteen diverse synth tones are made available to you here. Your subtractive favorites are likely here, along with some FM/physical-modeling options that can really send you in some unique creative directions. The presence of a micro drum machine is also nice to have. Again, this is not the most features-heavy option on the market. However, when you combine the price tag with just how much you can accomplish with this device, it becomes clear that it’s worth a look.

The sixteen-step sequencer comes with sixteen impressive patterns. What we really like about that is how intuitive the whole thing is. Even with zero experience in music production, you can find yourself creating some intriguing chains before too long.

Syncing is also pretty straightforward. The PO-16 plays well with other PO line products, as well as a variety of third-party options.

PO-16 Factory Pros

Here are a few things we really like about the PO-16:

  • Perfect for on-the-go jamming: While the compactness of the PO-16 isn’t a new design on TE’s part, this is one of their best marriages of form and function we’ve seen from them to date.
  • Perfect for melodic and harmony lines: The biggest appeal for this might go to those who really love working with melodic and harmony line creation.
  • Perfect for a low-budget bundle: Want to build a fairly low-key setup that doesn’t break the bank? The PO-16 can be part of your foundation.

PO-16 Factory Cons

Are there any potential downsides to keep in mind?

  • The LED screen has a slight learning curve that Teenage Engineering really needs to address one of these days.
  • The drum machine is obviously pretty bare bones.


The PO-16 can be a blast for almost anyone.


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