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PO-12 Rhythm Review

Products like the PO-12 Rhythm from Teenage Engineering ask the question: Do you really need an outer case for a straightforward-yet-surprisingly-deep drum machine? They don’t seem to think so. Teenage Engineering has built a strong reputation behind offering bare bones products that focus on performance above all else. The PO-12 is a good example of…
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Great PO Combos for Beginners

Anyone who owns a Pocket Operator knows that the real fun starts when you combine multiple POs and sync them together. Looking to pick up a second or third PO and expand your collection? It can be tough to decide which one to get next. In this article, we are going to discuss three great…
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Top 3 Beginner Pocket Operators

Choosing a first PO is a difficult task. What is the best beginner Pocket Operator? With nine different Pocket Operators available, which one should you choose? In this article, we will cover our top three beginner Pocket Operators. Just remember that everyone has their own tastes and needs. It’s very possible that the best beginner…
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